Spot the Odd One (Easy)

Find the Misfit. This is an easy one

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In all four of them, the snake is the only reptile.

Click the Weird One !!

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Moon is the only one that is not a planet.

Find the Odd One Out!! Still not a tough one

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The piano is the only instrument among these, which we play without using our mouth.

Which one do you think is the perfect misfit

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Mat is the only non-living thing among them.

Choose the Odd One Out!! Now this needs little thinking though it's still easy

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Canada is the only country among them which is not in Asia.

Which food item is a Misfit?

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Celery is the only one that is a vegetable.

Which of them is the Odd One Out? Think! Think! You can do it!!

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White is the only one that is not a primary color.

Click the Odd One Out! This can be a little tricky one Let's see if you can do it !

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Hydrogen among them is not a noble gas.

Pick the Weird One Out!! This is again an easy one to solve

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Hammer is the only tool among them.

Click on the Misfit! That was easy isn't it ?

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The options that are not house are parts of a house.

Can you spot the Odd One Out? (Level-Easy)
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