Science Experiments for Kids at home

Experiment 1 – Will the lemon float or sink ?

Material Required – 2 Glasses of Water, 2 Lemons, 2 Tablespoons of Salt.


Step 1- Fill both the glasses with normal tap water.

Step 2- Take one lemon and put it in one of the glasses filled with water.

Step 3- You will notice that the lemon will sink in the water.

Step 4- Add 2 tablespoons of salt to the other glass of water and mix it well. By this, you will obtain a salt solution (mix it well until the salt dissolves in water completely).

Step 5- Now put the other lemon in the other glass of salt solution.

Step 6- You will notice that the lemon in plain water will sink but the lemon which is in the other glass of salt solution will not sink but float on the salt solution mixture.

Do you know why??

By doing this experiment we will know the fact that the things which have a lesser density of water or the other liquid float on it. When we put a lemon in simple water it sinks because the density of lemon is higher than the density of water. On the other hand, when we put lemon in the salt mixture then it floats because the density of that lemon is lesser than the density of water. This is the reason why one lemon sinks and the other one floats in water of different properties.


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