Brain Development Activities for kids

Crafts & DIYs 1 – Colorful Paper Fish

What’s needed?

One white paper plate, one fabric color (any of your choice), one paintbrush or cotton, multi-color papers, glue stick, scissors, glitter and a googly eye.

Let’s get started- 

Step 1- Take the paper plate and color the bottom side of the plate and leave it to dry completely.

Step 2- Cut a triangle shape from the right side of the coloured paper plate.

Step 3- Now paste that triangle shape on the left side of the plate to make the tail.

Step 4- The opening side of the plate will be the mouth.

Step 5- Take 2 coloured papers and cut small fins from it and stick one to each side of the plate.

Step 6- Stick the googly eye on the plate near the mouth.

Step 7- Take different colored papers and cut about 22-25 circles measuring 1-1&1/2 inch round circles and fold them in half.

Step 8- You will use colored paper circles to make fish scales.

Step 9- When you fold the circle rub glue stick on one side and sprinkle some glitter on it.

Step 10- Stick the fish scales starting from the middle of the plate, halfway from the mouth to the tail. The folded side will face the mouth.

Step 11- Stick 4-5 fish scales in each row. Make 5 rows and have only 2 scales on the last row near the tail.

Step 12- After sticking all the scales, leave it to dry.

A Useful Point:-

To make a small circle on papers you can take the help of a bottle cap or a coin.


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Brain Development Activities for kids

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Brain Development Activities for kids

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Brain Development Activities for kids

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