Break out these Creative Play Ideas for Kids.

All you’ll need are a few simple, easily available and inexpensive supplies.

Printable Charts

Our printable classroom charts are a great addition to your child’s learning programs. Use this colorful displays to help children learn the alphabet, shapes, colors, life cycle, letter sounds and much more!

These Charts can be used  within an independent notebook, as well as scaled down to print as flashcards or morning board review.

Crafts & DIY's

Create the “spark” and learning happens!
Not only these projects are fun to make, they serve a purpose, too. From desk organization to places to keep notes and reminders to decorations, your kids will keep using their creations for the rest of the year.

Printable Worksheets

A collection of free writing prompts for beginning writers. This is a collection of worksheets you can use to build small motor muscles while working on handwriting. These are key pre writing skills that children should have before attempting to write sentences or paragraphs.

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